David Archuleta Is Daddy's Boy, All Right

David Archuleta Is Daddy's Boy, All Right-photo

David Archuleta is one loyal son. The 17-year-old American Idol second-placer and human Monchhichi could have just bought his dad, Jeff, a tie for Father's Day. Instead, the kid attempted once again to convince the world that his pop isn't an obvious pain in the ass.

The devoutly Mormon Archuleta's MySpace blog (current mood: "blessed") is all about drumming up the love for dad.

"Today we're having some more meetings on my own career lol," the budding superstar reveals. "Oh, and by the way, thanks everyone for wishing my dad a happy Father's Day. He's been great so I'm glad you guys took time to send him your messages."

Nice try, Dave. But when your father is so annoying even Simon Cowell looks reasonable in comparison, no amount of turd polish will gloss over the truth.



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  • kelly

    love this boyy!!!

  • hiroko hojyo
    hiroko hojyo

    i love michael cera, he's like my love! and my hero too. michael if you read this please, go to my page i need to know you :D www.myspace.com/hirookoouu95 loveyou alot! xx

  • dancingqueen

    what DID he get him?

  • notobsessed

    He's adorable - I feel like a cradle robber but he's cuute!!

  • hwoodgrrl

    I bet his dad isn't half as bad as they made him out to be. Can we say publicity stunt for the show?

  • pictureperfect

    What a little trooper. It'll get better as he grows older.