Denise Richards: It’s Mostly Made Up

Denise Richards loves using the tired excuse that her main reason for whoring out her family on reality television is to show “her side of the story.”

But Heather Locklear’s friends say that the It’s Complicated version of Denise’s relationship with Locklear’s ex Richie Sambora is about as real as Denise’s tan.

Pals of Heather’s claim that the Wild Things star lured Richie away.

Which means that Denise’s claims of waiting until after the divorce to pounce on her best friend’s man is less than honest.

The source told Page Six, “For Denise to claim that she [did] not initiate contact with Richie … well, that’s just absurd and an outright lie.”

To which Richards retorts, “I will not respond to these tireless rumors. It’s such old news.”

What does she mean she won’t respond? She just did.

Maybe it is complicated. At least for someone who’s never used a dictionary.