Eva and Tony Ditch the NBA for Some French Ball

After watching her beloved San Antonio Spurs squeezed out of the NBA Playoffs, Eva Longoria and her hubby, Spurs point guard Tony Parker, left the country for a vacation in their beloved Paris.

But Tony will need to go farther than across the Atlantic to escape the round ball.

Is it fandom or family obligation that has dragged him to catch the Ligue Nationale de Basketball Pro A Championship Finals?

Parker’s brother T.J. plays for Stade Lorrain Université Club Nancy (SLUC Nancy), proving that B-ball clearly runs in the Parker family.

T.J.’s team was battling Chorale Roanne Basket, for those of you Euro-sports enthusiasts.

Nancy won, much to the excitement of an enthused Eva.

But Tony seemed to take in his brother’s victory with a level of gravity that would indicate the sting of the Lakers’ victory still burns.