It's the Pete Doherty Video News Minute!

It's the Pete Doherty Video News Minute!-photo

Pete Doherty has issued another piece of must-see YouTube TV. While the video lacks the verve of a mouse-fondling Amy Winehouse, it does contain a very urgent message from the Babyshambles frontman.

This time, Doherty spouts off about...well, it's kind of unclear, really. Dude makes Keith Richards sound like James Earl Jones. Something about chucking a laptop out of a window, and going to a concert, and probably an update on the civilization of ant-sized men who live at the back of his eye sockets and have crowned him as their leader.

The guy really should consider employing subtitles. Or picture-in-a-picture technology, where a burnout-to-English translator can decipher what Pete's saying for his viewing audience.

Anyway, check out the video.



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