Johnny Depp Doffs His Fedora

Johnny Depp is a good guy, and he doesn’t want you to forget it. He cemented the rep by making good on a months-old promise to a young fan.

Seems 12-year-old Jack Taylor of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, visited Depp on the set of his new John Dillinger biopic, Public Enemies, and expressed interest in his way cool fedora. Depp joked that he could have it when it was no longer needed. 

Jack’s parents sent a reminder note along to Depp’s agency to make sure they were aware of his promise. Pushy parents get things done, you know.

Lo and behold, before long, a package arrived. Inside were the fedora, a personal note from Depp and a number of promotional items from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Pirates of the Caribbean for his siblings.

“All I really said was ‘Can I have your hat?” Taylor told told “And he said, ‘When I’m done with it, it’s yours.’ He was actually pretty cool.”

As opposed to all those other celebs Taylor knows. That Lindsay Lohan can be such a wench.