Trouble in Bunny Town

Trouble in Bunny Town-photo

"Hi, my name is Holly Madison. My turn-ons include camera time, wrinkled flesh and stabbing the other bitches in the back."

Not all is well in the house of Hugh Hefner, according to TMZ. Playboy Bunny—and number one Girl—Holly Madison has launched a one-bimbo mutiny on the set of The Girls Next Door

Hef had graced Madison with the job of "photo editor" when her professional urges started throbbing. Now comes word that she has started swinging her surgically enhanced chest around in the Playboy offices, seeking control over the photo spreads and starting to alienate longtime staffers.

Wow, who would ever have seen this coming? Pitting three attention whores against one other in a competition for their master's affections? Hmmm, that should be a recipe for total harmony.

Maybe Holly, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt should settle this with a nice chocolate-pudding wrestling match. Or switchblades. Whichever brings the messiest conclusion.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    Have them all bathed and bring them to my quarters. I'll sort this whole mess out.

  • missamericandream

    I never thought that they got along as picture perfect as it appears on the show. How could it? 3 girls vying for the attention of 1 very rich older man??

  • ballier88

    my wildest dreams

  • bawwow

    Holly sucks. She's an ugly person...can't cover that up with plastic surgery

  • rockinout

    Ooooh.... chocolate pudding wrestling. Nice.

  • chichilavie

    God I love this show. All three of them have endeared me to their breasts. Uh, I mean hearts.

  • lisatee

    My money's on Kendra. Bitch can probably throw a mean right hook.