Britney Spears Suicide Shocker

Here’s a surprise: In his upcoming unauthorized biography of Britney Spears, investigative journalist Ian Halperin researched the singer for 18 months as an undercover photographer and claims she attempted to kill herself on two separate occasions.

“I spoke with her many times and went to her house,” Halperin—who has also written tell-alls on Kurt Cobain and Celine Dion—told Life & Style Weekly. “I know all the details about both [suicide attempts].”

A confidante of Spears says Brit’s suicidal urges “really became an issue once [her son] Jayden was born and it became clear [that] Britney’s marriage to Kevin [Federline] was crumbling. She began to say things like ‘I wish I was dead’ or ‘It’d be better if I could go to sleep and never wake up.’ “

Hopefully Spears is getting the help she needs to get back on track. But maybe she should be happy that at this point in her life, she can’t do anything right.

She can’t style her own hair. She can’t get behind the wheel without endangering her kid or running over someone’s foot. Dad Jamie Spears has to do everything for her, and he’s still a long way off from being her Jack Kevorkian.

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