Britney to L.A.: “Later, Y’All!”

Apparently, the inalienable right to run over paparazzi is no longer enough to keep Britney Spears in the Los Angeles area.

The onetime singer and current tabloid fixture is reportedly selling off her properties in Studio City and Beverly Hills, and has bought a swank pad, shown in the gallery, in the upscale San Fernando Valley hamlet of Calabasas.

Acording to TMZ, the palatial spread is located in a heavily fortified private community that serves as home to Travis Barker and many better celebrities. All of them are no doubt wondering if it’s too late to get out before property values plummet.

No word on when the move is scheduled to take place. Papa Jamie Spears needs time to cover every surface of the new home in bubble wrap so Britney doesn’t hurt herself next time she goes feral.