Kid Rock Hates iTunes

Trailer-park messiah Kid Rock says he is boycotting iTunes because he believes that artists aren’t compensated fairly.

In an interview with BBC News, he compared today’s artists to those of yesteryear. “Back in the day, we all know the stories of the Otis Reddings and Chuck Berrys and Fats Dominos who never got paid. So the Internet was an opportunity for everyone to be treated fairly, for the consumer to get a fair price, for the artist to be paid fairly, for the record companies to make some money.”

But the mangy ex-husband of Pamela Anderson says the arrangement isn’t exactly working.

“It’s based on an old system where iTunes takes the money, the record company takes the money, and they don’t give it to the artists,” he says.

Rock’s latest album, Rock N Roll Jesus (arrogant, much?), hit number one in the U.S. last year despite its absence from iTunes. He says he may change his mind about the music behemoth but not any time soon.

“I will be on iTunes eventually, because I can’t avoid it, but I like to always stick to my guns and prove a point and do something original…because I believe in it.”

His new single “All Summer Long seems to have already unstuck his guns—it’s available on iTunes in Europe.

He used strippers utilizing their poles on the back of a flatbed truck to promote the song in London. Always keepin’ it klassy, Kid!


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