Mario Lopez: ‘People’ Mag’s Fanciest Single Boy

It’s official—chiseled Mario Lopez is the Hottest Bachelor People can think of. The Saved by the Bell alum beat out Tinseltown hot properties Brody Jenner, David Cook, Terrence Howard and Adam Levine for the magazine’s player of the year honors.

And who could argue with their choice? Lopez is in great shape after recently dropping more than 100 pounds

But People’s choice isn’t all pretty-boy exterior. Lopez’s humility is awe-inspiring:

“I like a girl who’s from a modest sort of upbringing,” says the honoree. “My parents emigrated from Mexico and live in the same house I grew up in Chula Vista, California. I’d feel weird if the girl was a little too uppity or affluent, because I’m a very down-home kind of guy.”

Sorry, gals, Mario’s not the kind of guy to take you out some place special.

In fact, word around town is that, when he’s looking for a fun night out, pretty much any hole in the wall will do.