Mary-Kate and Miley Wouldn’t Mind Winning Emmys

Miley Cyrus and Mary-Kate Olsen have decided that, unlike a dissatisfied Katherine Heigl, they’re happy to apply for Emmy nominations. Cyrus and Olsen are requesting consideration for kudos on their respective shows, Hannah Montana and Weeds.

Walking in Heigl’s footsteps, Lindsay Lohan has pulled herself out of contention. Then again, Lohan’s guest spot on Ugly Betty lasted less than a minute, whereas Heigl—to judge from the look on her face—spent another eternity as Grey’s Anatomy’s Izzie Stevens.

How I Met Your Mother guest star Britney Spears wants a prize after appearing on the show twice this year.

Honestly, she should be happy to be alive at this point, without trying to shoot for awards just yet. Baby steps, Britney.