Mel B: They Don't Call Her Scary Spice for Nothing

Mel B: They Don't Call Her Scary Spice for Nothing-photo

Note to Eddie Murphy: Do NOT leave your woman when she's pregnant. It just always come back to bite you in the butt.

Now, some 14 months after the birth of his and Melanie Brown's daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, the scariest of the Spice Girls is exacting her revenge in the form of a song on her upcoming CD.

"The working title is 'Beverly Hills Cock,' " she tells Britain's New! magazine, "because that's what he is.  He never bothers with his daughter.  I mean, what kind of man is that?"

A man who wants the hell out, that's who.

The lyrics are being kept close to Mel's D-cup, but it's safe to assume Eddie's lawyers are raring to get a crack at them.

'Cause, scorned woman or not, there's no money like the money won from a slander suit.



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  • Miapocca

    I beleive english men are probaly more pussy whipped and gentlemanly that the majority of the Americans Men...Baby daddy is so common that trying to get pregnant just to net a man will find your a-r-se- hitting the concrete pavements of robertson boulevard.. Mel needs to let go, because each time she starts this it just a sign that she is still pissed..all she needs to do is concentrat on her husband and kids...she is starting to look uglier and scarier than her dress sense

  • mraniston

    She looks fine as hell in that picture!!

  • cameronkitty

    She really is scary!

  • notobsessed

    Serves her right for messing around with a guy like that in the first place, its not like he's never done something like this before!!