Victoria Beckham’s a Bad Kisser

Straight from the WTF files, busted actor/reality-show sad sack Corey Haim has suddenly revealed he had a relationship with Victoria Beckham back in 1995, the Daily Mail reports.

Somewhere in Beverly Hills, Posh Spice is reading this and going “Crikey, who thought that wanker would pop up again!”

Haim, who experienced a slight career bump by resorting to an A&E reality show with fellow has-been Corey Feldman, claims he met Beckham in London while she was a Spice Girl.

They became “soulmates,” he inexplicably says, despite the fact that she had an odd way of sucking face. “When she kisses, she does this little grrhh thing. Like a girl gnawing on your lip!”


Haim says the two split over Vicky’s professed love of British boy band Take That.

Corey went on to have a drug-induced stroke in 2001. Victoria married global soccer star David Beckham and became a multimillionaire.

No decision here…it’s Beckham for the win!