Brad Pitt Goes Back to the Future

Heads up, Angelina. Even Sexiest Men Alive get old…and bald…and wrinkly. The trailer and first stills of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button have hit the Web, and the world can sneak a peek at what the future holds for Angie’s baby daddy, Brad Pitt.

The unique flick, extrapolated from an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, centers on a guy who ages backward over a period of 80 years.

Director David Fincher whips out state-of-the-art makeup strategies for every inch of Pitt. “The programs they developed are just going to blow everything out of the water,” costar Tilda Swinton told MTV News.

So, drink it in, people. See Brad in his golden years, and ask yourself: Will Angie still want to be” rolling around on the floor with him” then?

Would you?