Chace and Lauren: Hollywood's Next Power Couple?

Chace and Lauren: Hollywood's Next Power Couple?-photo

Crawford and Conrad, sitting in a tree/ getting free pub-li-ci-ty!

In Touch Weekly reports that Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford has the hots for The Hills' Lauren Conrad—and that Lauren totally likes him back! OMG, OMG, OMFG!

"He flat-out told her she was sexy, and she giggled a lot!" a Crawford buddy says of a recent encounter between the two. "Chace said she's the nicest out of all the Hills girls."

Meanwhile, a Hills insider confirms the feeling's mutual. "L.C. thinks Chace is supercute. She would definitely consider going on a date with him!"

Hmmm, used to be kids passed notes to each other reading, "Do you like me? Check yes or no." Such matters are handled by the national press these days.

Wonder what sort of fee In Touch gets for playing matchmaker? An exclusive on every development in their budding relationship?

Nah, that sort of thing never, ever happens.



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  • mraniston

    So the 2 havent even met?? The things the tabs make up

  • missamericandream

    HE's TOO pretty for her

  • cameronkitty

    Didn't I hear something about Chace Crawford being gay?? BTW....why is his name spelling with a C insead of an S?

  • dancingqueen

    damn hollywood and all of its beautiful people!

  • mynameisearl

    "supercute". gag me.

  • notobsessed

    They'd be adorable together