Girls' Night Out: Lauren, Lo and...Audrina?!

Girls' Night Out: Lauren, Lo and...Audrina?!-photo

Friends or enemies? No one's saying, but Hills queen-B Lauren Conrad, instigator Lauren "Lo" Bosworth and token brunette Audrina Patridge sure play a coy game while taping episodes for the new season.

It was a busy Wednesday for L.C., who went from business meeting to lunch to a Fashion Institute event to a seemingly amicable dinner with her housemates at Kumo in L.A.

So, are they buddies or just cozying up for the cameras? They've alternately been seen lately catfighting, ignoring one another or going their separate ways.

Maybe it doesn't matter what the actual deal is? This is a Hills altered-reality universe, remember? We all just live in it.



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  • jennifer

    i have to have audrina's dress - somebody tell me what brand it is or where i can buy it!! please!

  • hwoodgrrl

    They all look really pretty here. Too bad i think Audrina and the Laurens relationship is as fake as Heidi's (and Audrinas) implants.

  • rforrumor

    DAYUM...i love LC's dress!! i have to agree.... Lauren is gorgeous!

  • bawwow

    its cuz they were filming

  • missamericandream

    DAYUM...i love LC's dress!!