Kristen Bell Is Dax Shepard’s Main Squeeze

Is Dax Shepard trying to administer the Heimlich Maneuver to Kristen Bell?

The couple—currently filming When in Rome in, duh, Rome—were spotted taking a break at Ostia Lido beach, and Dax practiced his Iron Death Grip on the former Veronica Mars star.

He really, really wants to show the world how much he loves her. Which seems creepy and insecure in equal parts.

Dude, possessive much?

But she won’t run away. At least not until the movie’s finished. And she realizes that she’s dating a second-stringer from Punk’d. And she has her shoulder realigned from your strong-arm “love.”

You may have the chiseled shirtlessness and the edgy ink, but no girl likes a clingy half-man. At least not a girl worth having.