Pete and Ashlee Toast to Angels & Kings

For the Chicago opening of Pete Wentz’s bar Angels & Kings, expectant mother and newlywed Ashlee Simpson showed up in a figure-hugging dress that revealed her still slight baby bump.

Simpson recently canceled a tour for her album Bittersweet World, blaming her pregnancy. However, poor album sales now hint at an even better reason for her to hang up her microphone.

Wentz and his emo cronies have already opened a bar with the same name in New York. So, why open another one in Pete’s hometown?

The limp-haired singer tells People, “I would rather raise a family here than L.A. You go to your own coffee shop, you go to the dog park. It’s smaller, and I appreciate it.”

Reading between the lines, that’s, “And Ashlee’s control freak of a father couldn’t possibly stand the chill of a Midwest winter; so I’ve got all my bases covered.”