Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley Get Edgy

Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley. Side by side. Arms around each other. Perhaps considering making out right there on the spot.

This particular occasion was the premiere of The Edge of Love at the 62nd Annual Edinburgh International Film Festival Wednesday.

The movie, which depicts a love triangle between two women and poet Dylan Thomas, also stars one of Miller’s real-life former flames, Matthew Rhys.

Further populating the photo gallery at right: Joely Richardson and Sean Connery, who traipsed across the red carpet with his arm in a sling (apparently, he’s as accident-prone as the current James Bond).

Luckily not in attendance: Sienna’s unhinged, freshly dumped boyfriend Rhys Ifans, who recently threatened to pummel Matthew Rhys and hinted there might be a showdown at the premiere.

With drama like that, who really needs a movie? But they made one anyway. And apparently Keira and Sienna got to know each other quite well during the filming.

Shockingly, intimately well.

Check out the video evidence.