Will Lindsay Lohan Get Bested Again?

Lindsay Lohan can dispel those nagging lesbian rumors with one returned text message.

Britain’s Daily Mail reports that celeb spawn Calum Best is secretly texting the rehabitué, whom he volatilely dated in 2007.

“Calum can’t wait to see Linds—whenever they meet they always get it on,” says the paper’s source. “Lindsay couldn’t get enough of his bedroom antics.”

Best’s bedroom antics include being snagged hoovering coke with two hookers just a week after he and Lindsay broke up.

Best is in Los Angeles filming Totally Calum Best: The Best Is Yet to Come. The premise of the show has Best abstaining from sex for 50 days, as his friends try to trip him up with tender traps. Each week Best will undergo a lie-detector test to see how he fared.

Is the always sexually charged Lindsay Lohan part of the plan to ensnare Calum?

If Best wants to win the 50-day bet, he and Lindsay will just have to find non-carnal ways to pass the time—if they get together.

Like mocking Samantha Ronson behind her back.

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