Amy Winehouse: TB, or Not TB?

Amy Winehouse: TB, or Not TB?-photo

Looks like Amy Winehouse's summer isn't getting off to such a hot start.

British paper the Sun is reporting that the singer, who was hospitalized on Monday after fainting at her London home, may have tuberculosis. Apparently she's been displaying classic symptoms of the illness, such as coughing up blood, an irregular heartbeat, a chest infection, and dramatic weight loss.

Wow; how in the world could she have contracted TB?

A friend of the singer claims: "She'd been suffering horrible coughing fits and hurling up blood for a while, but refused to be examined."

Great; and in the meantime she's been hopping the globe, spreading her icky germs.

For God's sake, Amy, if by any miracle you end up performing again in the near future, wear a face mask.

Come to think of it, that might make for an improvement over some of your recent shows.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    How much will Amy's lung blood go for on eBay?

  • ballier88

    Im glad she's getting help

  • nnfh100204

    i have come to the realization that amy's purpose in life is to die as a young woman. just like many before her who were very talented but gave it away for drugs. sure we'll pray for her to get better but i think we all know that death is in her imminent future and because of her talent she will be considered an icon just like janis joplin, billie holliday, kurt cobain, ect. i do pray that her suffering will come to an end soon for her and her family.

  • eyerolls

    "The Hazmat Tour"! This just in, Wino's spokeswhores say that she only has a chest infection. Oh yeah, just your run-of-the-mill horking up blood, and refusing to let the doctors touch you. Wino's PR should work for the White House..........

  • bawwow

    She looks so scary ill in these pictures. We need to pray for her

  • xoxojaniepie

    I am truly shocked Soooo sarcastic LOL

  • notobsessed

    I am truly shocked