Audrina Patridge Has Impeccable Taste in Men

Wait a minute, is that Cisco Adler under all that hair and novelty store crap? It’s hard to know for sure. Quick, someone check his balls!

Audrina Patridge of The Hills left Goa with a crew that included some guy who snagged his wardrobe at a gas station with about $25 in his pocket. He actually had money left over for a pack of gum and some cigarettes. Hmm, is he a distant cousin of this long-lost Lindsay Lohan hanger-on known as “white sunglasses guy?” Something to think about…

The star of the upcoming straight-to-DVD movie Into the Blue 2 appeared to have recently made up with her warring housemates, but on this particular occasion, Patridge’s uncanny ability to find the least desirable man within a 100-mile radius kept her newly reconciled buddies at bay.