Denise Richards for Take Your Kids to Therapy Day

Denise Richards for Take Your Kids to Therapy Day-photo

Life's a bitch. So is Denise Richards. And Denise's life has been pretty hectic lately.

The It's Complicated star had an activity-filled day with her daughters Sam and Lola Rose. First stop: the therapist's office!

Frankly, it's mystifying that Sam and Lola Rose, aged four and three respectively, would need therapy. It's not like their mom is whoring them out on a cheesy reality-TV show. Or like Denise and their dad, Charlie Sheen, are engaged in a public, uglier-than-Oprah feud over everything from vaccinating the tots to daddy's baby batter to their mom's race.

Oh, wait; it's exactly like that.

Looking at the pictures, it seems that the girls are weathering their parents' public spat quite happily.

Of course, a fistful of Flintstones chewable Prozac will do that.

After getting their heads shrunk, it was off to a fun-filled emergency court visit, presumably to work out the fractured family's child-custody schedule.

If there isn't a clock tower and a sniper's rifle involved in at least one of these girls' futures, it will be a miracle.



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  • missamericandream

    cutest little girl ever!! omg :)

  • nnfh100204

    this bi**h!!! i hate her for the simple fact that she claims she is protecting her children from all the bull***t. but she knows damn well she is dragging them right through the dirt with her. i dont even care about all the he said she said between her and charlie. i'm sure neither of them are angels, but for the love of god... to do a tv show in the middle of all this and to have you children in the show thats suppose to be just about her. no matter how little they are supposedly in the show ( so she says) and then to use this very personal situation to promote her self and her show and conviently have the kids in tow!!!! ughhhhhh!!! i hate her!!!!

  • ballier88

    Shes SOOO hot. I wish she wasnt a psycho bitch. Oh well, all the good ones are...

  • xoxojaniepie

    Yeah, they look just like her

  • notobsessed

    aww her kid is so cute. i feel so bad for her