Denise Richards for Take Your Kids to Therapy Day

Life’s a bitch. So is Denise Richards. And Denise’s life has been pretty hectic lately.

The It’s Complicated star had an activity-filled day with her daughters Sam and Lola Rose. First stop: the therapist’s office!

Frankly, it’s mystifying that Sam and Lola Rose, aged four and three respectively, would need therapy. It’s not like their mom is whoring them out on a cheesy reality-TV show. Or like Denise and their dad, Charlie Sheen, are engaged in a public, uglier-than-Oprah feud over everything from vaccinating the tots to daddy’s baby batter to their mom’s race.

Oh, wait; it’s exactly like that.

Looking at the pictures, it seems that the girls are weathering their parents’ public spat quite happily.

Of course, a fistful of Flintstones chewable Prozac will do that.

After getting their heads shrunk, it was off to a fun-filled emergency court visit, presumably to work out the fractured family’s child-custody schedule.

If there isn’t a clock tower and a sniper’s rifle involved in at least one of these girls’ futures, it will be a miracle.