‘Gossip Girl’ Hotties Heat Up the Hamptons

Celebuzz | June 20, 2008 - 4:43 pm

The cast of Gossip Girl is back at work filming in the Hamptons.

In an alternate universe, their socialite characters are vacationing at an upper-crust summer destination.

And in both these worlds, the young males compete to attract mates by engaging in a skin-baring standoff.

In one corner, Penn Badgley’s no-fuss character Dan Humphrey flashes his shirtlessness from beneath his hair-and-makeup cape (a few points deducted for wearing a cape).

In the other, Ed Westwick’s prep school villain, Chuck Bass, flaunts his legs and buttocks in a lifting and separating pair of short-shorts.

Because we live in a democratic society, people have the right to vote for which stag is their favorite GG dream buck.

You lucky public, you.