James McAvoy: Hollywood’s Second Most ‘Wanted’

Is this the portrait of a desirable man and woman? Perhaps, but not quite so much as the dream couple studio executives banked on when they shelled out for Angelina Jolie.

The world’s most pregant female lead and the father of her children, Brad Pitt, left red carpet duty at the Los Angeles premiere of director Timur Bekmambetov’s action-thriller Wanted to costar James McAvoy and his wife, Anne-Marie Duff.

McAvoy’s a gifted and handsome actor. And his wife is perfectly handsome as well. Combined, they wield about 1/5,000th the star power of Angie and Brad.

The film’s poster is composed of 100% Angelina Jolie, and 0% James McAvoy.

It must have been humiliating for James to stand in front of that poster, surely aware that his very presence was disappointing everyone in the vicinity.

Don’t listen to any crap about how Angelina couldn’t make it because flying in might not be a good idea when she’s due to pop out twins any second now.

Angelina Jolie has magical powers, and can instantly transport herself anywhere she wants just by thinking about it. Shut up, it’s true.