Jamie Lynn's Kith and Kin Say She'll Be a Good Mama

Jamie Lynn's Kith and Kin Say She'll Be a Good Mama-photo

The arrival of Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter, Maddie Briann, has folks in her Kentwood, Louisiana, hometown all abuzz. A tractor pull and hog call were put on hold so locals could gather near the horseshoe pits to discuss the town's business with People.

"It's easy to have them, but hard to raise them," says relative Charlie Spears. "I hope she's healthy, and I hope they raise a good baby."

"She's awfully young to be a momma," says Spears "distant cousin" Margie Busby. "But that's what they make [grandmothers] for. They have to help."

The Kentwood consensus is that Jamie Lynn will do just fine raising her and 19-year-old fiance Casey Aldridge's baby.

"There will probably be some rough times and some bumpy times," says Jennifer Pike, a Kentwood resident. "I'm really happy for her and her family."

But some of Jamie's relatives didn't even seem to be aware she had given forth a child.

"I didn't even know she had the baby," says second cousin Janet Bridges.

Maybe the Spears family should take up a collection to thank People for sending out the birth announcements.



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  • nnfh100204

    as a mother of two i can say chasing someone else kids around is no way the same as having your own. i'm not saying she's not going to be a good mom, i just hope she has had that moment that women should have before they have their baby were they just sit and realize that just because their life is forever changed as they once knew it, it doesnt mean the end of the world. especially for a 17 year old. Hope is a good thing to have for her and her family.

  • bawwow

    any 17 year old kid cant be a good mother

  • katie999

    i think she'll be a good mama... we have to give her a chance

  • rforrumor

    lol "disant cousin" im her distant cousin too... wish i could be distanter

  • mraniston

    *cough* WHITE TRASH *cough*

  • gossipceleb

    shes way2 young shes gonna end up like her sista