Janet Jackson Gets Real

Janet Jackson Gets Real-photo

Been hoping to see even more of Janet Jackson in the near future? Yeah, no one else really has, either, but more Janet is exactly what the world will be getting, according to Variety.

Ms. Jackson (if you're nasty) will be filming a new reality series for MTV. Casting has already begun!

The as-yet-untitled project will feature Jackson searching "YMCAs, church groups [and] local community centers" for "the next Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake or Usher," says executive producer Dave Broome (the man responsible for The Biggest Loser).

Hmm; a reality show featuring a celebrity in search of the next version of herself. There seems to be a lot of that going around lately.



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  • Jhenny

    Ele é tão lindo,tão perfeito e ele merece TUDO DE BOM,merece todas as melhores coisas desse mundo ♥

  • Jhenny

    Amo o Rupert Griiint *.*

  • Keaboka

    Happy Birthday Rupert Grint... hope you have a nice birthday today.. I love you!!!1

  • gothichick

    Yaya Happy Birthday to him

  • stella1040

    Rupert Grint is crazy hot so wish i could meet him i am so jeaolous of lavender brown a.k.ajessie cave!

  • Ames

    I LOVE Rupert! He's a really good actor... and really hot. hehe. can't wait for half blood prince and deathly hallows.

  • mraniston

    Whats wrong with Janet??

  • bawwow

    Does she think anyone cares aboutt her anymore? Her last few "comeback" cds have tanked and none of her singles have gone anywhere. GO AWAY JANET!

  • notobsessed

    shes not interesting enough for her own show

  • rforrumor

    i don't think she'll be finding any future janet jacksons or ushers in any church groups....