Katie Holmes Tries to Buy Nicole Kidman’s Affection

Katie Holmes is showering Nicole Kidman with baby gifts.

Star magazine claims that the current Mrs. Cruise has extended a shopaholic’s version of an olive branch—a $2,000 gift basket of stuffed animals, baby blankets, onesies and more from Neiman Marcus—to her husband’s primary ex.

This gesture of peace comes after rumors that Kidman feels she’s been pushed out of contact with the children she adopted while married to Tom Cruise.

Nicole has never openly cursed him for it, but insiders have dished that the Oscar-winning actress could kill Tom for raising their kids as Scientologists.

Perhaps this feeling of powerlessness over children past is why Nicole is so adamant about being fully involved with her current pregnancy.

If Katie is truly crafty, she’ll smuggle baby Suri out in that basket.