Madonna Allows Lourdes To Pierce Herself?

Recent photos of Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Ciccone Leon suggest that the czarina of the “aristo-brats” has gone and pierced her lower lip.

Lourdes, 11, was partying with friends at the Avril Lavigne concert at London’s O2 Arena. And there is definitely something metallic adorning her mouth. Debris from a candy bar wrapper? Silver confetti from the show? Did snarly pop princess Avril hurl a ball bearing at her face out of spite? Nope. That’s clearly a lip ring.

This doesn’t jibe with Madonna’s reportedly ultra-strict parenting. Madge supposedly doesn’t even let Lourdes or half-brother Rocco watch telly at their home in London. So the assumption is that Lourdes was rocking a fake lip ring to an Avril Lavigne concert.

The poor child has clearly not inherited her mother’s ability to stay on top of the latest trends (and suck the life out of them to make millions).

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