Paris Hilton Goes Back to Black

Benji Madden and Paris Hilton painted New York City black with their somber wardrobe, mourning the loss of Madden’s last shred of common sense. At least he has his eyes lowered in shame in this picture, as he escorts what should have been a one night stand around New York City. At least there’s no wedding in their near future…or so they say.

In town filming for her reality show in which MTV is helping her find her new “best friend,” the XXX superstar heiress stopped at a Korean karaoke bar before hitting up a VIP party at the TAO nightclub.

Since she started dating Madden, Paris has often eschewed her trademark cotton-candy palette in favor of darker shades.

However, the ditsy blonde did sport a girly garland of brightly-colored blooms atop her head as a reminder of her colorful past.

Might as well plant some flowers on that noggin. It’s not like she’s using it to do math.