Rhys Ifans Is One Class Act

Rhys Ifans Is One Class Act-photo

Never let it be said that Rhys Ifans keeps his emotions bottled up inside.

The Hannibal Rising actor, who's grown increasingly unhinged since being dumped by Sienna Miller, was accosted by cops Thursday night after throwing a bottle into a crowd of paparazzi and pedestrians.

According to the Daily Mail, Ifans was leaving Ronnie Scott's jazz club at about 12:30 a.m. when the voices in his head told him it was a good idea to hurl a beer bottle into a crowd. Bystanders reported being sprayed with glass when the bottle smashed on the sidewalk.

"Rhys was lucky it didn’t hit anyone—it would have been a lot more serious if it had," observed an onlooker.

Fortunately for Ifans, the cops took pity on the heartbroken sot and let him off with a warning.

They should have at least hauled him in for the night—that was a waste of perfectly good beer!



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    Poor SOB, he's starting to crack.

  • nnfh100204

    how do you expect someone to be acting after being dumped by his love? why do the papz feel the need to feed of someone elses pain. i'd throw a bottle at them too. his bitch of an ex just keeps digging the knife in deeper by quickly jumping onto her next mans lap and then telling some interviewer that " they were never that serious" what a bitch!!!! did he do something to her that would warrant that kind of lashing out? did he cheat? wasnt she going around with an engagement ring and telling everyone how wonderful he was? what a hooch!!

  • bawwow


  • ballier88

    rhys: regroup, get a haircut, shave, then hit on some chicks Thats what i do

  • dancingqueen

    poor guy, he must've hit rock bottom... sienna was too harsh to dump him like that

  • moonshine

    Good thing no one was hurt! Wow