Lily Allen Really Flips for L.A.

Lily Allen Really Flips for L.A.-photo

We're Number One!

MySpace sensation Lily Allen was in Los Angeles this week, chowing down at a West Hollywood eatery, when she momentarily lifted her snout from the trough to flip the bird at nearby paparazzi.

Good one, Lily! Now you know two tricks: Flashing your bits and giving the finger.

With skills like that, you're going places, babe. Maybe you should start with the nearest Jenny Craig center.

Keep that finger handy, Lily; it'll probably come in useful during your next drinking binge.



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  • bawwow

    That pink hair is HEINOUS are u kidding me? Why is she doing that to herself

  • hwoodgrrl

    She looks better than she has in a while

  • mraniston

    What does she even sing?

  • notobsessed

    She should totally move here, we need more Lily Allen in our lives

  • allanthekind

    Lily Allen looks just like a girl I once broke up with because I got up at two in the morning to pee, and there she was on her hands and knees eating out of my dog's dish.


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