Britney’s Sweet Home Louisiana

Aunt Britney Spears looked extremely wary of her Kentwood, Louisiana, surroundings while in town this past week visiting her sister Jamie Lynn Spears and new baby girl Maddie Briann.

Most likely, Britney was confused by the vastly diminished amount of paparazzi trailing her.

She thinks she’s no longer famous and is annoyed at the prospect of privacy being restored to her life, should she move back to Kentwood like her mother says she plans to.

Lynne Spears told an L.A. Superior Court on Tuesday that Britney “intends to return to Louisiana,” but has remained in California because of custodial restraints placed on  her children with ex-husband Kevin Federline. However, Brit did just purchase property in California, so who knows?

Meanwhile, Britney’s also reported to be heading back into the studio for her follow-up album to Blackout. Skeptics abound, but producer Jim Beanz insists, “Britney is amazing.”

And by amazing he means “mostly awake at least half of the time.”