Tinsley Mortimer: Too Boring for Reality

MTV, the network that turned Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt into objects of fascination, has admitted defeat in its attempts to package marginally recognizable Manhattan socialite Tinsley Mortimer as entertainment.

Producers must have been hoping to sell Tinsley as “the real Gossip Girl,” much like how The Hills was spun off from Laguna Beach, which was pitched as “the real O.C.

According to Page Six, MTV produced a show focusing on Mortimer dressing up and going to parties. The high-bred blonde’s footage was pretty—pretty much good for nothing.

An insider groaned: “It was incredibly boring. The project is dead.”

How bad off is a person when they manage to be less captivating than this one or that one or these two?

It’s not enough to suck at life, Tinsley. You need to suck with panache.