Hats Off to You, David Archuleta!

Hats Off to You, David Archuleta!-photo

Kudos, David Archuleta.

It's not easy to out-creep Hayden Panettiere's 13-year-old brother, Jansen, who looks like a ventriloquist's doll that's come to life for the express purpose of killing people in their sleep. But you managed to pull it off Saturday at the premiere of Disney's futuristic robot flick Wall-E at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre.

The secret to this dubious distinction? Your curious choice of chapeau, which makes you look like you're trying to single-handedly revive the Chi-Chi Rodriguez look.

No doubt your cap has many practical uses. Such as concealing the bad-hair day that has plagued the past several months of your life. And blocking the mind-control rays from your psycho loving and supportive stage father Jeff. Especially if you've done the smart thing and lined the hat with lead.

Also at the premiere were Wall-E star Fred Willard, Marlee Matlin, Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Smith and Katie Cassidy, all of whom were no doubt awestruck by Archuleta's unique fashion sense.



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  • archuleta1718
  • disgusted

    wow i made an account just to tell you how DISGUSTED i am with this article I happen to be a huge fan of both Hayden Panettiere and David Archuleta and this was completely uncalled for!!

  • tracimac

    OMG No way. That Panetierre kid is way more creepy than Archie.

  • carol

    I forgot to say. David A. keep your hat on. You are smart to protect your face from the sun. My gran had major face reconstruction due to sun cancer from exposure to the sun. Lost her nose and her eye lids. I keep my hat on to support you and my gran. David A. luv ya.

  • carol

    I really have a problem with articles that do not support young adults self esteem. For a thirteen year old he looks fine. As for David A. millions of voters love him so who cares what you few bugs like. I bet if you check back tomorrow your poll will reflect that you are a complete bug of the lowest form. Come on you guys vote they are both hot. They looked great on a very hot over 100 degree day outside in full sun. Sweet guys both.

  • jharv

    In this picture, David Archuleta looks like some Mob-backed pretty boy singer who's going to end up with his head in a vise like in Casino.

  • notobsessed

    i wanna see WALL E!

  • hwoodgrrl

    HAHA- Hayden's brother IS way creepy. sad