Matthew McConaughey’s Surfer Boys Beat Down Paps

A violent melee broke out on a Malibu beach Saturday afternoon when a group of surfers attacked paparazzi that were attempting film Matthew McConaughey surfing. Whoa, dude!

Who knew stoner guy extraordinaire and future dad McConaughey, who was spotted macking on the senoritas down in Nicaraugua recently, inspired so much loyalty!

Footage on TMZ depicts angry surfers approaching a group of 12 photographers and demanding that they stop filming the Fools’ Gold actor. The photogs resisted, and things got interesting ugly.

One paparazzo can be seen lashing out with what looks like a tripod. Ouch! It’s Britney Spears wielding the umbrella revisited! Except reversed!

Police are currently investigating a complaint filed by one of the photographers. And you thought copious amounts of doobage were supposed to make you mellow.