Pink’s Malibu Mystery Man

Those of you who’ve been lying awake nights, wondering if Pink will ever rebound from her failed marriage to motocross racer Carey Hart, can now rest easily.

Ms. M!ssundaztood was spotted in the scenic hamlet of Malibu, brazenly canoodling with a stocky, bearded gent in broad daylight. 

Either that, or the guy nearly drowned in the surf, and Pink dragged him ashore and administered CPR. Which wouldn’t be surprising. The singer has been known to rush into burning buildings to save complete strangers’ pets. She also has a reputation for negotiating hostage situations without even being asked. She’s one of America’s least-appreciated heroes.

Naw; these two are totally doing it. They would have rutted right there in the parking lot in front of God and everybody if it hadn’t been for the intrusive presence of the paps’ cameras.

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