Tori Spelling and Hubby Emerge after Dog’s Death

No one escapes the cycles of life. With every new birth, comes the encroachment of death. Deep thoughts, worthy of Donna Martin…

People magazine reports that 90210 star Tori Spelling’s 11-year-old dog Mimi LaRue died of natural causes last Tuesday, just a day after the birth of Tori’s daughter with husband Dean McDermott. Natural causes were also at work in the child’s birth.

Of her fluffy friend, Tori told the mag, “I’m convinced she waited around to make sure I had the daughter I always dreamt about before she left us. She was a fashion icon and legend among Hollywood dogs.”

Naturally, the grieving family’s first public appearance after the loss of their stylish pet is a Rodeo Drive shopping trip.

Up in dog heaven, Mimi is looking down, a jaunty pink scarf tied around her neck, wishing she could be with Tori and Dean so that she could relieve herself on an expensive storefront. Or on Blake Lively.