Alexis Arquette Drags Attention From Bro’s Big Moment

Whoa, take a look at that chick…uh, dude….uh…uh…

Hey, look, it’s Alexis Arquette!

The star of Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother showed up to support little brother David Arquette at the premiere of The Butler’s In Love, which Dave directed, in Hollywood last night.

Alexis (who was born Robert Arquette, before undergoing gender-reassignment surgery) wowed the paps and audience members with her stunning ensemble.

The short film, a period romance that’s bound to be as entertaining as Dave’s 1-800-Call-ATT commercials, is something of a family affair. In addition to Elizabeth Berkeley, the movie’s cast includes  David’s brother Richmond Arquette and brother-in-law Thomas Jane, who probably organized the car pool to the premiere.

Click on the gallery for more photos of fabulous Alexis and her kin.