Amy Winehouse Is Smokin’ Healthy!

Amy Winehouse checked her crack self out of a London hospital on Monday.

Amy defied tuberculosis rumors with a celebratory cancer stick on her way to rehearse for her appearance at this Friday’s Nelson Mandela birthday concert. She’s always giving death the middle finger, that one.

Winehouse’s spokesvictims are now claiming that Winehouse does not actually have emphysema, but is in the “early stages” of the sickness.

Her rep Chris Goodman says that it’s a “scarring of the lungs which could lead to emphysema. If she keeps doing the wrong things, then it could lead to it. If she does the right things, it won’t.”

Goodman said that doctors will have to ultimately okay Winehouse appearing at the concert to forget lyrics and vomit behind speakers.

“She will really enjoy it—she always does,” he says.

Well, yeah, rock concerts come with drug dealers backstage!