Jesse McCartney vs. Leona Lewis: The Video Battle!

Anyone who hasn’t been living under Rosie O’Donnell’s paunch for the past year has heard “Bleeding Love,” the international smash hit by breakout British songbird Leona Lewis.

Considerably fewer have heard the original version by the song’s co-author, Jesse McCartney, who penned the tune with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder (who, in turn, produced Lewis’ version of the song).

While former Dream Street crooner McCartney’s take on the song lacks the pop sheen of Leona’s rendition, it bears a certain stripped-down charm.

So which version is better? Check out the videos below and say what you think. 

One thing’s for certain: At least Lewis has the decency to give credit where it’s due, unlike certain insufferable douche-nozzles.




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