Katherine Heigl Is Actually at the Top of Someone’s List.

Here’s uppity bitch Katherine Heigl running around in a bikini at her pool in Los Feliz, California, and probably listening to her husband Josh Kelly’s Muzak.

She tentatively peeks out of her doorway in one shot, seeking a sign that she hasn’t alienated the entire world.

And the sign comes: Heigl was just voted number one on the Top 99 Women 2008 Edition list by online magazine Askmen.com.

Apparently none of the so-called men at Ask Men are aware that Katherine can’t open her mouth without chomping on the hand that feeds her. And asking for seconds. And for a Tupperware container to take home leftovers.

“A former model, Katherine Heigl is beautiful, well-spoken, humorous, talented… the list goes on. No one belongs at the top of 2008’s Top 99 more than Katherine Heigl,” the website says.

Oh, yeah? Haven’t those drooling geeks ever met this woman? Or this one? Or her even?