Michelle Williams Wants a Piece of Heath Pie

Michelle Williams is worried about the parceling out of deceased love Heath Ledger’s estate, according to Page Six.

Williams will reportedly boycott the July 14 premiere of Ledger’s last flick, The Dark Knight, rather than face the Australian actor’s family. Holy disgruntled relatives, Batman!

Heath’s family will fly in for the premiere and a tribute to the actor, who died in January from “acute intoxication.”

Though dead, Ledger is due to make a fortune from a back-end deal on Dark Knight.

His current will was written before the birth of his daughter with Williams, Matilda, and leaves his estate to his family.

Williams is said to be concerned that Matilda will actually receive nothing. And she hasn’t seen a red cent.

In the past, Heath’s father Kim was accused by his own brothers of mishandling his father’s estate.

It sounds like Michelle better keep working, just in case.