Naomi Campbell Jazzercises in Capri

Naomi Campbell Jazzercises in Capri-photo

Naomi Campbell's has battle fatigue, y'all. She got busted in Heathrow Airport, she's losing her hair and apparently is suffering from trust issues. Most recently, she was sentenced to community service and a fine for airport misbehavior.

It's a commonly held misconception that supermodels don't operate under the normal constraints of mere mortals (how could they look like this without the help of some otherworldly powers?), but even professional beauties need vacations.

To wit, Naomi flocked with a group of her hottest, closest male companions to the Italian island of Capri for sunbathing and old-school calisthenics.

It's a tough exercise regimen, but will it be enough to keep her out of jail?



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  • mesocorny

    is he wearing one of her shirts

  • allsportsfan

    nothing will keep her out of jail... i hope

  • mraniston

    i wanna go. just not when shes there

  • gossipguy

    jazzercising on a boat, that's awesome ha ha

  • drama4mama

    She's just running away from her problems, but she cant escape them forever.

  • katie999

    that looks so relaxing1