Rock of Love Reject: Hotter Than a Muppet?

The snarling runner-up from the second season of the Brett Michaels reality dating series Rock of Love has reason to look annoyed. Not only was Daisy de la Hoya kicked to the curb in favor of Ambre Lake, she’s now being accused of stealing the style of Muppet Janis from Electric Mayhem.

Take a close look at these two media creations and decide for yourself: Which is the more attractive lady?

Daisy has probably had more hands rammed up inside her than Janis the puppet. But to be fair, Janis was being paid to take it.

Next up for Daisy is a stint in a new season of Charm School, in which she receives etiquette lessons from Sharon Osbourne.

Whatever for? Is there a more proper way for a lady to sit and air out her triangular mystery?

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