Steven Tyler: Rehab, Er Detox, Really Works!

Steven Tyler, the singer with a mouth that goes on for days, is sticking to his story that he was not in rehab, but had dropped off the public radar when he checked himself into Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena to rehabilitate his foot.

When chatting with TMZ in New York, the rocker with a reputation for hard-partying reiterated that he had been to “detox” for his foot and even sang a few bars from Amy Winehouse’s hit single “Rehab,” smiling as he wagged his finger, “No, No, No!”

In a pair of Crocs and posing amiably with fans, Tyler looked to be in high spirits. But then, wearing comfortable shoes during a long day of high-priced shopping just before a limousine spirits you away to your multi-million dollar mansion can do that to a person.