What Does Leighton Meester Have to Hide?

Hey, what gives?

Leighton Meester—who plays Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl—turned bashful on the set of the CW show recently, obscuring her kisser behind a copy of Glamour.

For the overwhelming numbers who have yet to view Gossip Girl, Leighton has a perfectly acceptable face. Lovely, even. Appropriate for consumption by small children and pets alike.

So why would she choose to not share it with the public at every given opportunity?

An acne breakout, maybe?

You’re not sporting a touch of Irish mascara, are you, Leighton?

Or perhaps she’s just a really big fan of Glamour, and is using her high profile to tout the mag.

Whatever the reason, she needs to stop it. You’re every bit as pretty as your castmates, Leighton; so let the world know it!