Angelina Jolie Gives the Coat Off Her Back

One of the leather assassin jackets that Angelia Jolie rocks in Wanted is up for auction.

A jacket described as “featuring a diagonal front zipper and tassels on the zipper pulls” is available on CharityFolks.Com. One of you lucky ladies (or fey men) can have the leather that touched Saint Angelina touch you!

The jacket, originally marketed at $1,000, is expected to fetch at least three grand. They’re lowballing; it’s worth at least a million! Consider the sacredness that it’s touched.

Proceeds will go to Wanted co-star Morgan Freeman’s Plan It Now! charity. Plan It Now! was created to help communities ready themselves for natural disasters before they happen. We all know how well the gubment performs when the levees break.

Morgan, who should run for president, has the right idea.