BET Award Photos: Kanye Acknowledges His “Pain”

The moody and slightly egotistical Kanye West accepted an award for Best Collaboration at the 2008 BET Awards for the track “Good Life,” and actually acknowledged that it was a collaboration!

“I’d like to thank T-Pain for gettin’ on the record with me,” West said. “This man’s a genius. What he does, what he writes…we’re blessed to be in this man’s presence.”

Did Kanye have some kind of It’s A Wonderful Life moment?

Alicia Keys won Best Female R&B Artist and took a moment to celebrate all the rich people (including herself) in the audience.

“I just wanna say that we are so incredible, we are such an incredible people,” she said. “We are so beautiful and fly, and everybody wants to be like us.”

Presidential candidate Barack Obama seemed to be on everyone’s minds.

“I want to dedicate this award to the end of the word can’t. That word is dead, we don’t know that word. Obama, y’all,” Keys said at the end of her acceptance speech.

75-year-old Al Green took home a lifetime achievement award.

“I’m so honored and humbled by the academy of BET Awards—what y’all laughin’ at?” Green joked.

“When it rains, get wet. Live your life, baby, and live it real…”

Kanye managed to keep from taking credit for Green’s award, and resisted announcing his own presidential campaign.

But how could he resist looking for himself in the boss, black and beautiful gallery to the right?

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