Britney Spears Sets Her Face to Stunned

Tabloid mainstay Britney Spears should be used to the army of paparazzi that trails her every move. But Brit-Brit sported a zombie-in-the-headlights look as she confronted a pack of rabid shutterbugs yesterday.

The popping flashbulbs seem to have put Britney in a trance, almost as though they were mesmerizing shiny objects in the hands of some evil magician.

Then again, Britney could have been absorbing the news that she’s been granted visitation rights to her sons.

It’s also possible that Spears—who’s reportedly moving to the San Fernando Valley—is merely cultivating the glazed look common to many residents of the area.

Oh, Brit; you’re such a woman of mystery! Contemplating what’s going on in that crazy head of yours can make a person very, very sleepy.